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About UCGateway

UC Gateway is a Unified Communications (UC) platform that brings both email and SMS (text) messaging technologies into one content-aware system.  Build client relationships, manage business communications, and better track your specific demographics.  Allow UC Gateway to instantly handle subscriptions, opt-outs, surveys, appointment reminders, and confirmations.  Our powerful content analysis system will search for keywords and phrases and automatically send an appropriate response 24/7. Learn more below!

Integrate UC Gateway into your calendar, scheduling, database, dispatch, or customer relationship management system and take advantage of its best features!  Effortlessly accelerate your business into the digital age of automation!



Automated Correspondence

Our unique system allows you to automate your communications and maintain client relations without lifting a finger. Create automatic appointment reminders and confirmations, send newsletters and announcements, integrate UCGateway into your scheduling system and vastly improve its efficiency.

Dynamic Client Interaction

Advanced content analysis allows UCGateway to recognize keywords and phrases and trigger a response or data entry. Automatically handle subscriptions and opt-outs, request confirmations, analyze responses to marketing campaigns, hold contests, and so much more. Take client interaction to a whole new level.

Highly Customizable

UCGateway is a highly customizable Unified Communications platform that merges email and SMS (text) communications into one intelligent system.  Not simply for texting your customer base, use UC Gateway to create custom health reports of your network, have daily sales reports sent to your team, notify employees when payroll is complete, and anything else you can imagine!

Data Collection

Build a client contact list based on emails and SMS messages, use content filters to gather statistically significant information from client responses, generate a potential client list, or store individual client preferences to get the edge and stay ahead of the pack.


UCGateway was designed as a versatile platform that is applicable anywhere email and SMS is used. The possibilities are endless, but here are some of the ways UCGateway may be used.

Client Response Processing

UC Gateway uses high level processing of content keywords and phrases to trigger any function available to it. This system lets you do more than just prompt the client for a confirmation, it can analyze text to recognize complex commands, positive or negative disposition, relevant data points, and any other meaningful derivation.

Customer Relationship Management

Maintain your relationship with customers and develop new leads for potential customers by retaining contact information automatically and organizing it within your customer relationship management system. Imagine being able to send out standard queries for information, such as "weekdays available"; your clients can then respond naturally to the query and the days they've specified will be automatically entered into the client's contact record. This is only the beginning of what UC Gateway can do for customer relationship management.

Poling and Information Gathering

UC Gateway can be used to gather any kind of information that may be useful to your company. Learn more about your demographics, get feedback from your customers, and analyze customer satisfaction. Over time, you can gather enough information to derive statistical conclusions that can help improve your business or calculate employee rewards for good customer service.

Reporting and Alerting

UC Gateway can perform internal company reporting and alerting functions as well. Get daily sales reports sent to your phone, let your employees know when payroll is complete, get status and health reports of your computer systems, or anything else you can imagine.

Remote Control

Use your phone or tablet as a remote control by texting commands to the system to perform any task. Get on-demand reports or issue other commands. Since SMS is a very lightweight communication protocol, it is faster and cheaper than developing a mobile application when the required task is small and does not warrant a full-blown app.

Other Creative Solutions

One can imagine that such a platform can be adapted for many unique applications. Invite clients to play a fun quiz game via SMS, provide an alternative search function or product lookup, distribute coupon codes, hold a raffle drawing, and much more. Any job that utilized email or SMS and requires automation is just the right job for UC Gateway.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Combined with a calendar and scheduling system, UC Gateway can be configured to send your clients automatic appointment reminders based on schedule, type of appointment, individual clients' contact preferences, and more. After the reminder has been issued, the client can confirm or cancel by responding to the text or email and UC Gateway will update the schedule automatically. Send out all of your reminders for the day in minutes; never again will you need to personally handle appointment confirmations.

Mass Email/SMS and Group Messages

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your clients and keep them interested in your business. With UC Gateway, you can send mass emails or SMS messages to your subscribers and keep them in the loop with the latest news and events. For legal compliance and good business practices you can offer your subscribers the chance to opt-out of receiving new messages and UC Gateway will handle those requests automatically.


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