New Features to UCGateway

Date: 6/11/2019 Category : Updates

UCGateway offers a plethora of features to make communications between your workforce and client base as organized as possible. We are pleased to let you know we have some new exciting features that have been recently added to help you on your journey to becoming the most successful company in your industry.

Recent Additions

The Dashboard, has been updated to show recent emails and SMS communications. Complete with bar graphs to show the ratio of incoming to outgoing communications.

Signatures, can now be assembled in the “My Profile” tab. You can have signatures for both Email and SMS, with a built in editor that allows images and links to be added so you can stand out as a true professional.

Emails are now presented in an elegant and intuitive layout that allowing you to quickly and accurately respond to messages.

Contacts can be organized by companies. This grants you with a clear structure of personal and hierarchy within a company.

We stride to make UCGateway the most user friendly and intuitive tool in your arsenal to make your company as successful as possible. Check back with us for more exciting news and updates. If you need any further assistance with how to navigate or use any features of UCGateway do not hesitate to contact us.